Announcement of the Brijuni 2007 Conference on
Laser Pulse Shaping and Coherent Control of Molecules

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      27-03-2007 About Brijuni Conference   >   Home


    In the conclusion of the first Brijuni Workshop on Laser Control and Molecular Switches in August 2005, all participants positively voted for the similar Workshop organization in August 2007. In response to this we intend to gather scientists devoted to coherent control and molecular dynamics again.

    We believe that the title of the Workshop:
    "Laser Pulse Shaping and Coherent Control of Molecules"
    represents the hot themes of the present and near future endeavors in the field of coherent control applied to molecules. The extension to use laser frequency comb to harness fundamental physical, chemical and biological processes is now included. In addition to this we included sections on nonlinear phenomena and cold molecules within the framework of coherent control of molecules.

    The meeting is intended to provide a review of the present status of the field of laser frequency comb and coherent control with a perspective on potential future applications. It thus addresses the subject of laser quantum control of atomic and molecular phenomena and processes. This wide range of interests extends even to molecular electronics, biology and informatics. Contributions to these areas of research are welcome.

    We hope the invited speakers and the intended providers of posters will keep in mind the end of August, 2007, as a date when possibly several interesting ideas will appear in discussions among the participants of the conference. There is a definite need for the fruitful interaction of scientists and molecular engineers to analyze present achievements in the field of laser pulse shaping and provide the ground for a new synthesis with unprecedented possibilities in applications for various technical and possible medical purposes.

    Important is the materials aspect of finding suitable substrates to be used as switches - photostable, reversible, possibly multidimensional, efficient and reliable. Molecular properties to be employed are conformational or spectral changes (e.g. conformational changes due to conical intersections), changes in electrical conductivity, phase, polarization, refractivity and chirality.

    The Workshop will be organized in a similar way as its first counterpart, with introductory lectures, research lectures after which ample discussions will be opened. Poster sections will be reserved for the evening hours, and free afternoons will be a good choice for beach discussions or trips to many beautiful sites of Brijuni islands.