Announcement of the Brijuni 2007 Conference on
Laser Pulse Shaping and Coherent Control of Molecules

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      21-08-2007 Participants   >   Home


    Invited Speakers
    Aumiler Damir Coherence accumulation effects in rubidium atoms
    BonaŔiŠ-Kouteckř Vlasta Analysis of ultrafast dynamics in clusters and molecules by pump-probe spectroscopy and by optimal control
    Branderhorst Matthijs Coherent Control of Decoherence
    Brixner Tobias Coherent Control from Nano- to Macroscales
    Buljan Hrvoje Quantum Many-Body Dynamics in a Tonks-Girardeau Gas
    Charalambidis Dimitris Control of electron trajectories by ellipticity shaped many cycle pulses: A root to intense isolated attosecond pulses
    Fortier Tara High precision atomic spectroscopy and searches for variation of fundamental constants
    Girard Bertrand Coherent control in atoms with ultrashort pulses
    Gohle Christoph Frequency Comb spectroscopy from IR to XUV
    Goswami Debabrata Femtosecond Chirped Pulse Adiabatic Control of Condensed Phase Multiphoton Processes
    Harris D. Ahmasi Control of nonlinear laser-molecule interactions with shaped femtosecond pulses
    Herek Jennifer Control of functional molecules in photosynthesis and photomedicine
    Koch Christiane Shaping potentials at 'will': Making cold molecules with coherent control
    Kompa Karl-Ludwig Multimode vibrational spectroscopy in the fs time domain: Chances for molecular parallel computing and optical communication
    Lochbrunner Stefan Exploring and Exploiting Molecular Coherences
    Masnou-Seeuws Franšoise Prospects for formation of stable ultracold molecules via photoassociation with chirped laser pulses
    Motzkus Marcus Highly sensitive coherent anti-Stokes Raman microscopy with shaped femtosecond pulses
    Ohmori Kenji Visualizing and Controlling Picometric Quatum Ripples in Molecules
    Pe'er Avi Direct Frequency Comb control of molecular dynamics
    Pillet Pierre Manipulation of the vibration of cold molecules
    Prior Yehiam Spinning molecules at will
    Stwalley William Coherent control of ultracold KRb molecules
    Thorpe Michael Cavity enhanced direct frequency comb spectroscopy
    Vianna Sandra Coherent interaction of atoms with a femtosecond laser
    WeidemŘller Matthias Ultracold molecule formation using shaped femtosecond pulses
    Weinacht Thomas Strong and Weak Field Control of Molecular Dissociation & Isomerization
    Wolpert Daniel Quantum control of molecular bond-forming catalytic surface reactions and of dissociation reactions in the liquid phase
    W÷ste Ludger From optimally controlled photoassotiation experiments on ultracold atoms to the controlled formation of plasma filaments in air

    Oral Presentations
    Resan Bojan Closed loop control of ultrashort laser pulses at the sample
    Posthumus Jan Ultrafast Fiber Lasers for Scientific Purposes
    ToliŠ-Norrelykke Iva Molecular motors and switches in living cells

    Poster Presentations
    Ban Ticijana Cancellation of the coherent accumulation in rubidium atoms excited by a train of femtosecond pulses
    Beuc Robert Predictions of KRb and RbCs spectra under cold and thermal conditions
    Bosanac S. Danko Generation and use of extremely short EM pulses
    Dimler Frank The von Neumann representation for ultrashort laser pulses
    HorvatiŠ Berislav Predictions of KRb and RbCs spectra under cold and thermal conditions
    Kirova Teodora Autler-Townes effect in atoms and molecules with hyperfine structure
    Milo╣eviŠ Slobodan Development of molecular sources for deceleration and trapping experiments using dual-pulse laser ablation and cavity ring-down spectroscopy
    Moghaddam Saraee Abdolali
    Shuker Reuben
    SkenderoviŠ Hrvoje Self-focusing and self-defocusing of fs laser light in rubidium vapor
    ZgrabliŠ Goran Solvent and excitation-energy effects in a nonadiabatic excited-state reaction: example of retinal chromophore

    Gumhalter Branko
    Luc-Koenig Eliane